Feeling anxious or confused?

I am here to listen…..and help you discover a more comfortable happy life.

Exploring what you need and who you are can help you begin to gain confidence, acceptance and feel capable of tackling life’s many challenges from a different perspective.

This could be possible, with a focus on genuine change and therapeutic learning in a safe space.  You can begin to increase your awareness and take control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Give me a call on 07719 915482 or email kirsty@echocounselling.co.uk and I’ll be happy explain the collaborative process with you.

I can work with:

Victims of Narcissism                                                           Low self esteem/confidence
Domestic Abuse                                                                      Bereavement
Anxiety                                                                                         Trauma
Anger                                                                                             Depression
Dissociation                                                                                Relationships and Couples
Apathy                                                                                           Addictions